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Opto Input Board


Ether I/O

The I/O 24 Opto Input Board is a very useful accessory which allows the user to connect signals from 3 to 24V AC or DC to the I/O ports of either the USB IO24, or the Ether IO24 via 8 optically isolated input channels.

Each of the input channels is electrically isolated from all other channels and the IO24 Module preventing signals from other channels interfering with each other and damage to the IO24 Module.   The input channels also have LED's to indicate when a signal is present on the channel.

The connections to the input channels on the opto input board are by screw terminals that will accept cables 0.5 – 2 mm. The connection between the IO24 Module and the Opto Input Board is via a 30 cm IDC connection cable. This cable is provided with the board.

The board has been designed to a 72mm standard width so that it can easily be mounted in DIN rail mounting modules.



  • 8 x Opto Insulated Inputs for each of the IO24 Module port pins
  • LED indication for opto status
  • Screw Terminal Blocks for Opto inputs
  • Easy connection by 0.1" pitch 10-way box header to suit standard IDC connectors for connection to the I/O port on the I/O 24 Modules
  • Dimensions 4.3 X 2.8 inches (110 X 72 mm)


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