Tuesday, 05th July 2022 

Ether IO24 TCP DIP


Ether I/O

The Ether IO24 TCP DIP (Originally named the Ether IO24 PIC DIP R) is an integrated, micro-controller based network interface board with 24 digital user I/O lines and is the next generation of our Ether IO24 Range.

The module connects to any Ethernet network supporting the TCP/IP protocol suite and can communicate with any point on that network. By connection with an Internet Router the device can communicate with any Internet connected device.


  • Ethernet to Digital I/O Interface
  • 24 Independently programmable I/O Pins
  • Supports TCP and UDP Commands, ARP, BOOTP, DHCP, ICMP, HTTP
  • SPI and I2C Interface on all three Ports
  • Power-up Settings are stored on-board for easy configuration
  • Programmable Fixed IP or Dynamic IP assignment from a DHCP server
  • Compact module Fits into a standard 50-pin 900mil IC Socket (69mm x 25.2mm x 21mm) for easy prototyping
  • Can be connected to a wireless network gateway or access point for wireless operation


Embedded Java Programming and Configuration Interface

Java Application

  • Configuration and control of all setting is achieved using the on-board Web-based Java Application
  • Java Application is compatible with any Java-enabled Web Browser
  • Password Protection of all Java Application functions



  • Home or Industrial Automation
  • Digital Input and Output from any Networked PC
  • Remote Data Acquisition and/or Alarm Monitoring by Network or Internet
  • PC Controlled Machines and Distributed Machine I/O
  • Remote Lighting / Power control and/or monitoring


Data Sheets and Utility

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